General Information About Beer

Vodka: All unflavored vodkas are recommended. Due to the many problems of non-Kosher ingredients often found in flavorings (such as wine, civet, ambergris etc.), any flavored vodka needs proper Hashgachic approval or thorough investigating into each source and ingredient.

Rum: All unflavored light rums are recommended. Dark rums and spiced rums need to be checked for the possibility of wine used as a coloring agent. As with all foods containing flavoring, flavored rums need certification.

Tequila: Tequila is produced from the agave plant. Check carefully in the bottle. If it does not contain a worm (commonly placed in the tequila bottle), it is always acceptable.

Brandy: Brandy always contains wine and therefore must bear a reliable certification.

Cognac: Cognac is a grape brandy from France. It always requires reliable certification.

Sherry: Sherry is made from wine. It needs reliable Kosher certification.

Vermouth: Vermouth is made from white wine, and therefore, must have reliable certification.

Beers: All domestic and German beers (light and dark in color) are acceptable to the Kosher consumer without certification. The exception to this is any flavored beer. As is true with all "flavoring", a reliable certification is required. Imported dark beers are questionable as to their reliability (some may contain grape by-products). Imported unflavored light beers are all acceptable. 

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