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All honey requires special Pesach Hashgacha.


All fresh, peeled carrots (whole, cut or shredded) need special Passover supervision.

Nestea Decaf

This year, Nestea Decaf is not recommended for use on Pesach.

Warming Drawers

As warming drawers cannot be kashered for Pesach, they should be cleaned, sealed and NOT used during Pesach.


When purchasing a Kosher for Passover quinoa product, it is advisable that before Pesach one check through the grains for extraneous matter (i.e. grains of barley etc.) by placing the quinoa on a plate and looking through the grains of quinoa.

Check Packages Carefully

Be careful to check packages of Kosher-for-Passover items for the Pesach certification. Some non-Passover Kosher products of certain brands have similar packaging to those products that they manufacture for Passover and can be easily confused.

Pure Honey from China

Pure honey from china has been found to be adulterated with corn and rice syrup (Kitniyos).

Affula Sunflower Seeds

Affula Sunflower Seeds have a "Kosher for Passover" designation, when, in fact, they are Kitniyos and intended for use only by those Sephardim who have the minhag to eat Kitniyos.


Although all year long the Kof K ce4rtifies Joyva products, their Passover products are certified Kp under the supervision of Rabbi Sheinkop. As Joyva Passover products contain cornstarch and corn syrup, the Passover Kp designation is recommended ONLY for Sephardim.

Streit's Fried Rice Mix

Streit's produced a limited quantity of Fried Rice Mix that was labeled Kof KP (Kosher for Passover), when,in fact,this product is NOT
Kosher for Passover. This product contains Chometz.

Pesach products with Kitniyos

The O/U and other Hashgacha organizations have undertaken to certify certain Pesach products this year that contain Kitniyos, for those Sephardim whose minhag it is to eat Kitniyos (legumes). The designation on the label will read "O/Up - Kiyniyot". Since there will be a number of these products available this year for Pesach Ashkenazim and those Sephardim who do NOT eat Kitniyos should take care to be careful to look for this Kitniyos designation on the label of Pesach products.

Pet Food Ingredients

Pet food ingredients can often change from year to year as Pet Food companies change and adjust their standards.
Some commonly listed items found on pet food ingredient panels that are NOT acceptable for Pesach are:
Wheat (cracked, flour, germ, gluten, ground, grouts, middlings, starch), Barley (cracked, flour), Oats (flour, grouts, hulled), Pasta, Rye, Xanthan Gum and Brewer's dried Yeast.

Some of the more popular pet (dog/cat) foods that most often contain Chometz are:
Science Diet Dog Food


All spices (even pure) this year need a Hashgacha for Pesach.

Zoos on Pesach

Many zoos sell animal food that contains Chometz, therefore, one should refrain from buying food to feed the animals at the zoo during Pesach.

Ant and Roach Traps

Many ant and roach traps use Chometz as their bait.

Frozen Fish

Due to frequent application of glazes on raw fish, it should be purchased only with reliable kosher certification for Passover.

Dairy Foods

Dairy foods can pose a problem for Pesach use due to the prevalence of enzymes, stabilizers, flavors and vitamins which are made from Chometz and Kitniyos and are present in most dairy products. Therefore, dairy products require a reliable Passover certification for Passover use.
Plain whole, low-fat and skim milk (fresh, not long shelf-life items) may be purchased before Passover without special certification for Passover. However, it is proper not to purchase milk during Passover unless reliably certified for Passover.

Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate

Hershey's Special Dark chocolate is not approved for Pesach use.

King of the Sea tuna

The Orthodox Union does not certify King of the Sea tuna for Passover.

Aicha - White Truffles Champignons Terfess

Brand: Aicha
Product: White Truffles Champignons Terfess
Company: Les Conserves de Meknes
Issue: Mislabeling
Consumers of this OU-P product should verify that the letters "DA" and "RDSL" are part of the ink-jet code that appears on the top of the can. If the letters "DA" and "RDSL" are not included in the code, the product is not certified by the Orthodox Union.

King David Coffee

King David coffee in regular or Decaf is reliably certified by the KVH for Pesach.

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